Your MA driving record:

Your Massachusetts driving record is based on such factors as: years licensed, age, accidents and moving violations.

Your MA driving record, along with: other operators,  town, vehicle, and coverage specifications are the factors that determine your MA auto insurance rate. 

Motor vehicle violations and at-fault accidents are called surchargeable events.

If you have been licensed for, at least, 6 years and have no surchargeable events then you are a state-best:  “99? driver.

When you first get your license you are a neutral “0? point driver. After 5 years clean driving experience you receive a credit and become a “98? driver.

For a minor (less than $2,000 paid out combined damage) at-fault accident, drivers are surcharged 3 points.

For a major (more than $2,000 paid out combined damage) at-fault accident, drivers are surcharged 4 points.

For the first motor vehicle violation (includes inspection sticker violations), the state will not surcharge you — HOWEVER — if you are a “99? or “98? driver, you lose your credits and become a “0? driver. For each additional motor vehicle violations drivers are surcharged 2 points.

Each surcharge point increases your MA auto insurance by an estimated 8.5%.

The best way to save money on insurance? Drive Safely & keep your driving record perfect!

If you would like additional information or have any questions about your Massachusetts driving record contact the Merit Rating Board.

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