How to get Massachusetts Handicapped Plates

How to get Massachusetts Handicapped Plates

Sometimes, it seems, things can be more difficult than imagined. This is, and isn’t, true when it comes to “How to get Massachusetts Handicapped Plates.” I guess it depends on your imagination.

First of all, Handicapped Plates, in  MA are Disability Plates and Placards. According to Mass. gov:

Through Medical Affairs, the RMV issues special license plates and placards to people with disabilities who meet certain medical qualifications.

Disability plates and placards allow people with disabilities to park vehicles in designated handicap parking spaces. They also allow people with disabilities to park at meters without paying fees or penalties.
Disability license plates are issued for cars or motorcycles.
Placards are displayed on the rear-view mirror, and are issued to qualified residents on a temporary or permanent basis.
Learn how to apply for, renew, and replace your disability plate or placard.

Apply for a disability placard or license plate
Disability plates and placards are issued to qualified Massachusetts residents who meet the eligibility requirements.
Please allow at least 30 business days for processing. Processing time varies based upon application volume.

To apply for a disability plate or placard, you must:

  • Complete an Application for Disabled Parking
    • Your healthcare provider will have to fill out a section to verify your disability status
    • Retain a copy of your 2-sided placard application
  • If applying for a Disabled Veteran (DV) plate, you will also need a DV plate letter (RMV35A) from the veteran’s administration. You can contact the veteran’s affairs at (800) 827-1000 to request the letter.
Fees for Apply for a disability placard or license plate

A disability placard has no fee.

Name Fee Unit
Disability Passenger Plate Fee (2-year) $60 each
Disability Motorcycle Plate Fee (annual) $20 each
Disability Placards

If your temporary disability placard is nearing expiration or requires re-certification, you will need to submit a new application for your placard for to stay valid.

If you have a permanent disability placard, a new placard will automatically be mailed to you when it expires.

Disability Plates

The RMV will mail you a registration renewal reminder approximately 6 –  8 weeks before expiration.

Disability plates

Disability plates are issued to qualified Massachusetts residents who are primary owners of a registered passenger vehicle or a motorcycle. A holder of a passenger vehicle disability plate is entitled to a temporary disabled placard. A person must demonstrate “good cause” or need for the placard in writing to the medical affairs. “Good cause” means a valid reason why the plate cannot be used and duration of the need. Placards may be issued for up to 24 months.

Disability placards

Disability placards are issued to qualified applicants on a temporary or permanent basis. A person may be issued only one valid placard at a time.

Disability Veteran plates

Disability Veteran plates are issued only to qualified Massachusetts resident veterans who meet the same qualifications as those applying for a disability plate. The DV plate letter (RMV35A) details your service connected disabilities. You must have a combined rating of at least 60% service connected disabilities for qualifying conditions.  These are the same disabilities that would qualify you for disabled parking. These plates are issued only to qualifying persons who are the primary owner of a registered passenger vehicle.

In summation, How to get Massachusetts Handicapped plates, if you have all your materials BEFORE you go to the RMV, it will be easier than imagined. No matter how imaginative you are!

Downloads for Apply for a disability placard or license plate

Commercial Plates vs Private Passenger

Commercial Plates vs Private Passenger

MassAutoQuote writes a lot more than Massachusetts Private Passenger Auto, we also write commercial auto insurance. As such, when helping clients register their vehicles, we’re constantly defining the difference between Commercial Plates vs Private Passenger plates.

Here’s, always, the answer:

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation defines commercial vehicles (requiring commercial plates) as:


This includes:  Any vehicle which has a vehicle weight of more than 6,000 pounds unless it is a sport utility vehicle, passenger van, pickup truck or cargo van meeting the definition of a private passenger vehicle.

  • Any vehicle which as five or more wheels.
  • Any pickup truck or cargo van, owned by a partnership, trust or corporation unless the vehicle meets the definition of a private passenger vehicle.
  • Any pickup truck or cargo van if on the bed , roof or sides of the vehicle tools, equipment, supplies and materials are transported to or from a job site (personal projects without compensation are not considered a job site).
  • A vehicle which has business lettering, markings and/or advertisements on it.
  • A vehicle used for hire to plow.
  • A vehicle used for hire to transport or store goods or merchandise (unless the vehicle is owned by an individual, the maximum carrying capacity is 1,000 pounds or less and is only used on a part-time basis).
  • A vehicle used to transport or store goods or merchandise intended for sale in the operator’s business (unless the vehicle is owned by an individual, the maximum carrying capacity is 1,000 pounds or less and is only used on a part-time basis).

So,  Commercial Plates vs Private Passenger, according to the MA Department of Transportation, review the above and see where your vehicles fit.

Then give us a call.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Endorsement Spotlight

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Endorsement Spotlight

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Endorsement Spotlight Series. As part of our ongoing effort to educate our clients, we offer a look at Safety Insurance’s “Shield Plus” endorsement.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Companies offer lots of different endorsements which can greatly enhance your coverage.

The most valuable, perhaps, being “Accident Forgiveness” & “Disappearing Deductible” endorsements.
At an annual cost of $60.00 per vehicle, Safety Insurance offers the “Shield Plus” endorsement.
This endorsement is offered to clients that have state-best driving records of “99” or “98.”
Enhancements include the following benefits:
  • Disappearing Collision Deductible (-$500 credit toward your Collision deductible).
  • Accident Forgiveness. If in an at-fault accident during the policy term, Safety Insurance will not surcharge your policy upon renewal.
  • As well as some additional highlights such as: rental vehicle loss of income, lock in value (guaranteed replacement cost), personal effects coverage up $1,250, extended substitute transportation, emergency road travel expenses, enhanced towing & labor, & air bag coverage.
Other companies offer similar type endorsements.
Call, click or visit to find out more about companies’ discount programs.
You’ll be glad you did.

Simple Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Simple Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Simple, Massachusetts Auto Insurance.

We’ve been writing auto insurance in Massachusetts, and only Massachusetts, for over 25 years.

We’ve seen companies come and go and prices go up and down and, typically, up again.

For 25 years we’ve grown our independent insurance agency, client by client.

Saving them money and improving their coverage.

It hasn’t always been easy.

State set auto rates made differentiating ourselves difficult. Besides shiny teeth we had to offer extraordinary service including claims, billing and Registry of Motor Vehicles running service.

When competitive rating opened up in 2008, with more companies than ever, our Agency was ready.

We packaged, shopped for discounts, rated with 7 auto carriers and found clients the best available rates.

We also never compromised our service.

Call, click or stop by.

You’ll be glad you did.

Twenty Five years of insurance

25 years of insurance

Over Twenty Five years of insurance, in Massachusetts no less, has taught me something.

I’m sure of it.

I’ll just have to let you know when I figure it out.

For over Twenty Five years we’ve built our independent insurance Agency. At the time, yes in my lifetime, we figured out rates by looking at the rating manual.

It sometimes took hours to figure out an auto or home insurance rate.

Then, of course, the fancy computers and multi-monitors took over.

Usernames and passwords.

Click this, click that, go to this site, go to that site, cut & paste, hit enter then: Presto!


For a while, believe it or not, our humble site, was the number one site on the internet for: “MA Auto Insurance” and “Massachusetts Auto Insurance.”

We got so many quote requests, frankly, we couldn’t keep up.

We had 3 full-time Agents raking through prospects, quoting and writing auto insurance like never before.

Then, in 2008, Massachusetts insurance deregulation happened, the National insurers moved into the state, as did millions and millions of dollars in page 1, guaranteeing web experts and web site departments.

MassAutoQuote saw our Page 1 listings diminish and our quote requests thin. Still, our independent insurance agency has thrived.

We’ve expanded our markets and have grown our Agency into a well-rounded, customer-service driven, quoting and rating insurance machine.

Our companies love us because of our low loss ratios and our clients love of us because of our rates and service.

So, after 25 years of insurance, I guess I’ve learned: you should get a quote from us.

You’ll be happy you did.

Gap Insurance

gap insurance
What is it?

Gap Insurance sounds like insurance for a popular mall store in the 80’s & 90’s.

But that’s not it.

When talking about insurance, anyone that has a loan on a vehicle might need gap insurance.

So, what is it?

If your vehicle is stolen or declared a “total-loss,” your auto insurance carrier will only pay what they determine is the actual cash value.

Actual cash value can be very different than what is owed.

The difference is known as: the gap. Gap coverage covers this amount.

Without gap insurance the lender will hold you responsible therefore look to you have pay the difference between the actual cash value and the amount left on the loan.

Many insurance companies allow Gap insurance to be added to the Massachusetts auto policy.

What’s the cost?

The cost can range from between +$25 annually to +$120.

Sometimes Gap coverage is included in lease agreements.

If leasing, make certain you know whether Gap coverage is included or not because it might be quite a shock to learn you don’t.

Is Gap coverage a good idea?

In conclusion, depending on the gap, it might be a great idea!

Give us a click or a call to find out more about Gap coverage & your Massachusetts auto policy!

Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Massachusetts Auto Insurance
So, you’ve typed the 3 dreaded words into your Google search bar: Massachusetts Auto Insurance.

“Massachusetts Auto Insurance” are sought after key words. Page 1 is filled with big budget, insurance industry heavy hitters such as: Progressive, GEICO, Allstate, and Liberty Mutual.

From there you get an anarchy of strange, information gathering quote websites. Further still, you get a garbled, hot mess of website articles and information overload.

MA Auto Insurance

It’s a new day & age in Massachusetts.  After 30 years of state set insurance rates we finally have … competition!

More than ever, it’s important to take advantage of MassAutoQuote’s service. We shop coverage and discount programs with numerous companies to find you the best rates.

By design,  insurance companies have complicated, multi-tiered rating systems. In order to get the best rates, you have to know which buttons to press!

The Dreaded: Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

Auto insurance and Registration (& Title) go “hand in hand” in Massachusetts. You cannot have one without the other. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not have insurance cards as proof of insurance. Instead you have your vehicle’s Registration. Your Registration is your proof of insurance.

MA is a “Title state”, meaning that, in order to get your vehicle registered you must also get the vehicle titled in Massachusetts.

In order to get your new, Massachusetts Plates you will need to get paperwork from your insurance agent.

We make buying Massachusetts Auto Insurance Simple

MassAutoQuote will have you sign an auto insurance application, and provide you with an insurance stamped, RMV-1 Form.

Our Registry of Motor Vehicles service is complimentary (free) for our clients.

If you are new to the state with out of state registration, the Registry will look for your original title and a total of $135.00 ($75.00 for your new MA title & $60.00 for your new, MA plates/registration).

If a bank/lienholder has the title to your vehicle then, perhaps, a memorandum title can be issued. If so, the Registry will require a copy of your existing Registration and, if owned less than 6 months, proof of sales tax paid.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates in Massachusetts

compare auto insurance rates in Massachusetts
There are many ways to Compare Auto Insurance Rates in Massachusetts.

The first way is to sit down at the computer and type: Compare Auto Insurance Rates in Massachusetts into your browser.

Good luck with that.

You’ll either wind up with a behemoth, big-budget direct writer like: Geico, Progressive, Liberty Mutual or Allstate


You’ll end up on an information gathering website which uses your information for more than the promise of insurance rates.

The best way to Compare Auto Insurance Rates in Massachusetts is to use an independent agent.

There are a host of reasons to use an independent insurance agent. One of the reasons is because of insurance markets. The average independent insurance Agency uses a minimum of five insurance companies to quote your auto insurance.

This gives the independent insurance agent a market advantage.

MassAutoQuote uses the power of the Independent Insurance Agency

By calling, stopping by, or submitting one of our quote request forms, you are utilizing the independent shopping power of the independent agent.

We will find the most competitive coverage and discount programs to offer you the best rates.

Shopping for Massachusetts Auto Insurance

shopping for Massachusetts Auto Insurance
Massachusetts Auto Insurance Guide
Understand all your options before purchasing auto insurance. According to you should follow these basic guidelines as you begin shopping for Massachusetts auto insurance.
Do some research

Talk to friends, neighbors, and co-workers about their experiences with various insurance companies. In addition, you can find out how many complaints organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and National Association of Insurance Commissioners have received about each insurer.

Obtain a number of quotes

Find out what prices and discounts your current insurance company is offering, but get actual quotes from as many other insurance companies as you can. While this may be time-consuming, it is often the only way to find out what prices, coverages, and benefits are actually available to you. You can obtain quotes directly from insurance companies that do not use agents by calling or visiting their websites. Other insurance companies only provide quotes through their agents.

In order to find an agent that represents the insurance company that you want a quote from, call the insurance company or visit its website. You can also search for agents by insurance company using the “Detailed Agent Search” feature of the Division of Insurance’s Agent Finder website.

You should be aware that although some agents can get quotes from many insurance companies, others can only get quotes from one or two insurance companies. For this reason, it is often a good idea to shop with more than one insurance agent.

Get quotes in writing

Make sure that any quote you receive includes a “coverage selections page” that shows the coverages, limits, and deductibles that you want. Read the coverage selections page carefully to ensure that everything is as you requested and that all information is correct. Immediately point out any mistakes to the insurance agent and/or insurance company and ask for written confirmation of any changes.

Compare quotes

When comparing quotes, keep in mind that coverages, limits, deductibles, and discounts can have big effects on prices. A small difference in even one of these areas can make a bad quote look like a good one. Be aware that different insurers may not offer exactly the same overall benefits. This can make it somewhat difficult to compare quotes.

Ask about discounts and benefits

If you do not ask about discounts and benefits, you might not get them. Make sure that you understand how the discounts you are eligible to receive from each insurer will affect your premium, and whether those discounts are reflected in your quote.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan (MAIP)

As of April 1, 2009, insurance companies are no longer required to voluntarily offer insurance to Massachusetts drivers. Keep in mind, however, that even if one insurance company does not want to insure you, another company still might offer you coverage, so make sure to explore your options.

After one insurance company has refused to insure you, you become eligible to apply for coverage through the Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan, also known as the MAIP. In order to get coverage from the MAIP, you will have to go through an insurance agent. That insurance agent will have you fill out an application for the MAIP. The MAIP then will randomly assign you to an insurance company. The price you receive from the MAIP may or may not be higher than a price you could have received if you had continued to shop around.

Bundle my Insurance

bundle my insurance

As an auto insurance agent, I’m often asked: “How do I bundle my insurance?”

Well, Frances, it’s easier than you imagined.

Before you ask who Frances is, let me explain:

A bundle is simply putting your auto and home insurance with the same company. You might also want to add an umbrella policy to your bundle.

With bundling comes discounts. Some companies offer as high as 25% discount per policy if you have a home, apartment or condominium policy bundled with an auto insurance policy.

The trick is, different companies offer different discounts for bundling your account.

That’s one of the reasons it’s important to shop your auto insurance through

We shop your insurance with numerous companies to find the best discounts for your personal insurance needs.

We’ll find you the best rates, the best discounts, and offer you coverage choices.

Give us a call, click or stop by.

We’ll bundle the heck out of your insurance.

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