Massachusetts auto insurance.

Slip & Slide Accident Surcharge? Appeal!

Over the course of this nasty winter did you have a weather related, at-fault accident? Were you found “at-fault?” Did you receive a surcharge notice for this slide & slide? If so, this means the insurance company found you more than 50% at-fault and paid out more than $500 in damages. Less than $2,000 in damages results in a 3 point … Continue reading “Slip & Slide Accident Surcharge? Appeal!”

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Protect Your Assets

as·set ˈaset/ noun plural noun: assets A useful or valuable thing, person, or quality. “quick reflexes were his chief asset” property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies. Example: “The claimant received all of his assets because he did not carry enough liability coverage.” … Continue reading “Protect Your Assets”

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