Massachusetts auto insurance.

At fault accident: standards of fault

When determining fault in a Massachusetts auto accident, MA insurance companies use the following Standards of Fault: Collision with a lawfully or an unlawfully parked vehicle Rear-end collision Out-of-lane collision Failure to signal Failure to proceed with due caution from a traffic control signal or sign Collision on wrong side of road Operating in the wrong … Continue reading “At fault accident: standards of fault”

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Advanced Driver Training Discounts

The number one killer of teens is automobile accidents. MassAutoQuote recommends In Control Advanced Driver Training. Many companies offer an Advanced Driver Training discount, one company in particular (Safety Insurance) supplements the cost of the class. Instead of paying the standard rate of $299, Safety Insurance clients pay only $75. In addition, clients receive a 5% policy discount on their auto insurance (Safe Roads … Continue reading “Advanced Driver Training Discounts”

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