MA Auto Insurance Group Discounts

State-set auto insurance rates in Massachusetts are now a thing of the past.

My business partner asked me yesterday, “How do you think managed competition is going?”

Me? I think, over all, it’s going swimmingly. Our Agency is saving our clients money and we are busy writing new business.

The other night there was a segment on the television show, Chronicle (, about how to best shop for auto insurance. The consensus was: “talk to your agent.”

After all the politics, after all the corporate meetings and strategizing, after all the millions of dollars spent on advertising and after all the fancy (& some of them fluffy) discount programs, the consensus is: Talk to your Agent.

In our ongoing attempt to demystify the changes in the Massachusetts auto insurance system and to educate consumers about different discount and coverage programs, we offer a list of company “group” discounts.

Group discounts, like the popular AAA discount, have long been the elephant in the Massachusetts auto insurance room. Some of these groups are “open” group discounts that are open to anyone (like the AAA discount); others are “closed” group discounts that can only be received by going through a particular agency or directly through the company. As a disclaimer: some of these may not be complete group listings, certain groups may no longer be available, and the discount percentages may not be 100% accurate. 

Arbella Insurance    

Commerce Insurance    

Electric Insurance    

Encompass Insurance    

Farmers Insurance    

Hanover Insurance    

Liberty Mutual    

Mass. Homeland    

Metropolitan Insurance    

Norforlk & Dedham    

National Grange    

Plymouth Rock    


Quincy Mutual    

Safety Insurance