Below is Massachusetts RMV contact information for RMV issues that may help you if you need immediate assistance:

if you have RMV questions or have technical issues.

  • for a manual and other information click on:  If the user clicks on Training and Support, they will get to the “IPM eServices Reference Guide for Insurance Industry Users”
  • Have a Payment Link Resent/Issue:
  • Email Include:
  • Drop Off Date:
    • RMV Drop Off Location:
    • Name of Runner Service (if applicable):
    • Name of your agency/business:
  • VIN #(s):
  • Email address for payment:


  • Special Plate Department – 857-368-8031

for issues with duplicate/replacement plates

to find out about a tin plate not received in mail

to order special plates.

  • Section 5 Department – 857-368-8030
  1. Dealer, Repair, Owner Contractor, Transporter or Farm Plates
  2. Question regarding these plate types
  3. Questions on Renewals
  1. Contact the IRP department with Apportioned plate Questions
  2. Contact regarding Apportioned Renewals
  • Out of State Citations Department – 857-368-8200
  1. Customers can now clear online OOS Reciprocal Suspensions

This form can be used by NON-EVR Agents for correction.

  • Consumers that use the Drop Off Center that have not received a payment link or call to pick up work can send an email here:

They need to include:

Their Name

Branch Location

Date of Drop Off

Transaction Type

Email Address

If you are locked out you can call security to be reset

If you have a customer that wants to file a complaint for privacy violations, they can call security.

  • Title Department – 857-368-8050

If you have a customer that is showing a title has not been mailed, is under review or exam, you can contact titles to see if the title can be sent.  Make sure that the mailing address is correct in the customer ATLAS account.

  • MAIA Registry Procedures Manual

You may also want to consider using the RPM that is key word searchable for your RMV questions.  Here is a link to the MAIA RPM:

  • Registration and Title Application Instruction Guide

Here is a guide on what sections of the RTA to complete for the transaction being processed:

  • Massachusetts Department of Revenue 800-392-6089

If you need information on sales tax values

If you need to determine the amounts of Penalties and Interest on motor vehicle sales tax.

For any questions:  .

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