Massachusetts Auto Insurance Discounts

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Discounts

The search is on for Massachusetts Auto Insurance Discounts. There are so many different insurance companies that offer different discount programs. The trick is to find which company best suits your needs and your wallet.

For example: Are you a student? Certain companies offer larger good student discounts than other companies. Are you married? Companies offer different multi-car discounts. Do you own a home, condominium or do you rent?

We’re here to you find the right Massachusetts Auto Insurance Discounts for you:

1.) Package Your Auto & Home Insurance through the same agency/company!

Companies offer big discounts if they have both your home and auto insurance. Discounts available are anywhere from 10% – 25% on the auto & 10% – 20% on the home.

2.) Utilize an Independent Insurance Agency! 

Most Massachusetts Insurance Agencies write business with five auto insurance carriers. By utilizing an Independent Agency you will be utilizing the most valuable tool that the new, managed competition system offers. An Independent Insurance Agency will be most familiar with the different discounts and programs that are available. MassAutoQuote is powered and operated by Johnson & Rohan Insurance. Call, click or stop by and we’ll show you what great rates and service feels like.

3.) Take advantage of available discounts!

This one is, sort of, the tricky one. Different companies offer different discounts and knowing which ones are best for you is where an Independent Insurance Agent should be able to provide you valuable assistance.

When reviewing different companies discounts, however, keep in mind that no matter how many alleged discounts or percentage points companies are promising, the bottom line premium is the most important thing.

Some available discounts:

  • Account discount on your auto if you have a home, apartment or condominium policy with the same company.
  • Improved excellent driver & excellent driver plus discounts (99 & 98 drivers).
  • Pay in full discounts.
  • Hybrid vehicle discount.
  • Advanced driver training discount.
  • Certain college (for example: Boston College & Merrimack College) and organization (for example: Mass Bar Association & Mass Medical Society) discounts.
  • Good student discount (“B”or better)
  • Student away at school discount.

4.)  Make certain that you have the best insurance program!

Massachusetts consumers have long been neglected compared to insurance programs that have been available to out of state auto insurance policy holders.

Some Massachusetts Discount programs include:

  • Disappearing Collision Deductible.
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost.
  • Emergency Road Travel Expenses.
  • Auto loan/Gap Coverage.
  • Combined bill options.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer billing option/ No service fees.

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