Moving to Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Moving to Massachusetts Auto Insurance
Moving to Massachusetts Auto Insurance …

Well, it’s settled. You’re moving to Massachusetts!

Let us be one of the first to welcome you.

Massachusetts is a great State. From our beaches, to our mountains, our cities, our colleges, universities, hospitals, and our storied history. We’ve got it all!

Then it dawns on you, what about auto insurance?

Here’s the big thing:

In order to insure your vehicles you have to sign an application and get your vehicles Registered and Titled.

How can I get my vehicle registered and insured in Massachusetts?

Step 1 – Find your auto insurance policy.

We can help.

Find coverage and premium you’re comfortable with. We will shop numerous companies for you.

We’ve been quoting Massachusetts auto insurance online since 1999 (that’s longer than Geico’s been quoting here).

By getting a MA auto insurance quote from us, you utilize the shopping power of the Massachusetts independent insurance agent.

We’ll quote you with numerous companies and offer you the best rates and coverage options.

Step 2 – Get your vehicle registered.

In Massachusetts insurance and registration go “hand-in-hand.”

You can’t have one without the other.

Once you have found the auto insurance coverage and premium you are comfortable with, will put together a Registry of Motor Vehicles Form 1 (RMV-1) with an insurance stamp.

Note: Massachusetts is a “Title state,” in order to get new MA plates you have to turn in your prior, out-of-state title, and get a new MA title.

Your MA driving record is determined by things such as:  years licensed, at-fault accidents, violations, citations, and suspensions.

(Remember:  You must obtain annual vehicle inspection sticker within seven (7) days of your vehicle’s registration date.)

So, although moving to Massachusetts is a big move, hopefully, MassAutoQuote will be able to make it a little easier.

We’ll find you the best best auto insurance and help you get your vehicle registered.

Moving to Massachusetts? Call or click us to get your free, no-obligation Massachusetts Auto Insurance Quote.

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