MassAutoQuote: Not Geico

MassAutoQuote: Not Geico

Lately we’ve been getting a number of phone calls from people thinking we’re Geico. No offense, but we’re MassAutoQuote: Not Geico.

Some of the differences between MassAutoQuote and Geico:

  • We’re a family business.
  • We’ve been quoting auto insurance online in Massachusetts since 1999.  Geico didn’t join the party until 2009.
  • We’re powered by local, independent insurance agents.
  • We shop your coverage with numerous companies.
  • We do not have a $1B annual advertising budget.
  • We sell insurance in Massachusetts and only in Massachusetts.
  • We work on your side when you have a loss!
  • We know how to pronounce Worcester and Woburn.
  • We shop your coverage at renewal time to see if another company offers a lower premium.
  • We offer other lines of insurance including: home, apartment, condominium, commercial, and life insurance.
  • We do not have funny cavemen or lizards.
  • We do offer Free Registry of Motor Vehicles service!

So, if you’re shopping for Massachusetts auto insurance: great.

You’ve found the right place.

Typically we’ll save you money and improve your coverage.

If you’re trying to contact Geico and looking for a telephone number: we’re not Geico.

We’re MassAutoQuote: Not Geico.

Give us a call, click, or visit.

You’ll be glad you did.

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