Massachusetts Auto Insurance: Accident Forgiveness


The Massachusetts auto insurance market has long been neglected many of the discount and insurance programs consumers in other states have had.

Because Massachusetts auto insurance was highly state regulated many insurers left the state and some refused to enter the market.

In 2008 Massachusetts welcomed managed competition auto insurance and everything changed.

Now consumers can choose between many companies and rates can vary by hundreds of dollars.

Now, more than ever, MA auto insurance consumers should utilize the professional, discount shopping skills of the independent insurance agency.

One of the new programs many Massachusetts auto insurance companies now offer is: “Accident Forgiveness.”

Some companies make you buy it, some companies make you earn it.

Some companies will only include Accident Forgiveness if you have a perfect driving record, some will include it if you’ve had up to one previous accident.

Another MA company will give it to you only if you have a perfect driving record AND you’ve been insured with them for four years.

What is Accident Forgiveness?

Accident Forgiveness does not erase accidents already on your driving record. Instead, if you have the endorsement on your policy they will forgive future at-fault accidents.

Are all insurance companies’ Accident Forgiveness program the same?

No. Each company offers the program only to certain drivers. New drivers, or new insurers, or those with multiple accidents may not qualify.

Consumers placed with a company through the MAIP program may not qualify either. Check with your agent or company to see if you qualify.

Does Accident Forgiveness make sense for you?

Sometimes the Accident Forgiveness program is bundled with the “Disappearing Deductible” endorsement. Sometimes it makes financial & coverage sense to include the endorsement and increase your collision deductible.

Contact if you have any questions about Accident Forgiveness or concerns about your MA auto insurance policy.

We welcome the opportunity to review your insurance and offer different coverage and premium options.

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