MA Auto Insurance Case Study

Our MA independent insurance agency recently saved a new client money & was able to improve her coverage.

She has been licensed over 6 years with one moving violation. She has a 2007 Honda Accord and lives in Woburn, MA.

For coverage she carried “typical” MA auto insurance limits: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident (Parts 3, 5 & 12); $100,000 Property Damage; $500 Collision & Comprehensive deductibles; and $30 per day of Substitute Transportation.

Her renewal premium with Company A was: $1,194.

We rated her insurance with 7 companies.

With “apples to apples” coverage, for comparison purposes, we found a premium of: $952.

She was happy with the savings and decided to transfer her business to our Agency.

We mentioned if she purchased the company’s disappearing deductible & enhanced substitute transporation endorsement, and increased her collision deductible to $1,000 (really $800 with -$200 disappearing deductible credit), the annual premium would be: $844.

Thrilled, she was able to lower her premium from $1,194 to $844 and improve her coverage, as well!

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