MA Auto Insurance: Wild West?

Someone recently asked for an example of our MA Auto Insurance: Wild West analogy &, this morning I ran into a perfect MA auto insurance rating example.

Longtime client has an old (99) Honda Accord with, almost, 200,000 miles on it. She lives in Dorchester & carries mimimum-type liability limits ($20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident parts 3, 5 & 12; $100,000 Part 4; No Collision & No Comprehensive Coverage). Not to name names (Travelers) was charging her $1,019 for her June 2, 2010 auto insurance renewal.

We re-rated her with six MA auto insurance companies and one (Vermont Mutual), offers identical coverage at an annual premium of: $576.

$576 vs $1,019!

This is a, not so subtle, reminder to auto insurance consumers & agents in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Shop Your Coverage!

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