RMV telling MA consumers: Go Online!

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is encouraging consumers to go online.

We recommend you go online too, then go running rather than to the RMV.

Go Running, instead of the RMV

According to a news release on the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website (MassRMV.com), Registrar Celia Blue is encouraging MA consumers to go online to renew licenses and registrations.

The article quotes Blue: “MassRMV.com is designed to help our customers save time and to allow our branch employees to focus on more complex transactions. By making MassRMV.com their first stop, customers will find they are able to renew in a matter of minutes or discover they need in-person attention at one of our branches.”

As witnessed recently by this local, independent insurance agent (btw: that offers complimentary Registry running services) the Registry of Motor Vehicles can be a zoo, with lines out the door.

The Registry mails postcard reminders letting consumers know if they are eligible to renew online.

A new picture, for licenses, is required every 10 years.

All vanity and trailer plates expire at the end of November. Commercial plates renew at the end of December.

According to the article: “Many commercial renewals require the registrant to visit a branch in person, making the last days of each year some of the busiest for RMV branches.”