Rate Review Reality Check

Here we are, Massachusetts, 18 days into “Managed Competition.” Seems like 18 months.

The other day I was (sort of but not really) bragging about this Massachusetts Auto Insurance BLOG and I was told that my four posts were not enough. Shocked, I was told that I need to BLOG more.  BLOG more? “Dude, it’s a BLOG and you’re my insurance guy.” 

Besides still not being quite sure what a BLOG is (Wikopedia tells me that it’s a “Web Log”), I do know that our Agency has been going crazy learning new rating software, quoting & re-quoting auto and home insurance, applying new discounts and programs, sending out renewals, transferring customers, cancelling policies, writing new business and, probably, drinking too much coffee. 

However, and in an effort to BLOG more, I present a Rate Review Reality Check:

18 days into our new “Managed Competition” auto insurance system and , I think, MA consumers are doing pretty well.

I have, however, seen some very real auto insurance rate casualties:

We have a client that lives in Lynn that renewed last year for $1,168. This year: $1,357.

We have a client that lives in Dorchester that renewed two vehicles last year at $2,960. This year: $3,031.

We have a young married couple (licensed less than six years with 4 points & 10 points on their licenses) and their premium (two vehicles) went from $3,201 to $3,498.

So far it appears that new drivers, drivers with points, drivers that live in urban areas and those without a “companion policy” are the ones that are not going to enjoy the heavily advertised discounts.