Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Massachusetts Auto Insurance
So, you’ve typed the 3 dreaded words into your Google search bar: Massachusetts Auto Insurance.

“Massachusetts Auto Insurance” are sought after key words. Page 1 is filled with big budget, insurance industry heavy hitters such as: Progressive, GEICO, Allstate, and Liberty Mutual.

From there you get an anarchy of strange, information gathering quote websites. Further still, you get a garbled, hot mess of website articles and information overload.

MA Auto Insurance

It’s a new day & age in Massachusetts.  After 30 years of state set insurance rates we finally have … competition!

More than ever, it’s important to take advantage of MassAutoQuote’s service. We shop coverage and discount programs with numerous companies to find you the best rates.

By design,  insurance companies have complicated, multi-tiered rating systems. In order to get the best rates, you have to know which buttons to press!

The Dreaded: Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

Auto insurance and Registration (& Title) go “hand in hand” in Massachusetts. You cannot have one without the other. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not have insurance cards as proof of insurance. Instead you have your vehicle’s Registration. Your Registration is your proof of insurance.

MA is a “Title state”, meaning that, in order to get your vehicle registered you must also get the vehicle titled in Massachusetts.

In order to get your new, Massachusetts Plates you will need to get paperwork from your insurance agent.

We make buying Massachusetts Auto Insurance Simple

MassAutoQuote will have you sign an auto insurance application, and provide you with an insurance stamped, RMV-1 Form.

Our Registry of Motor Vehicles service is complimentary (free) for our clients.

If you are new to the state with out of state registration, the Registry will look for your original title and a total of $135.00 ($75.00 for your new MA title & $60.00 for your new, MA plates/registration).

If a bank/lienholder has the title to your vehicle then, perhaps, a memorandum title can be issued. If so, the Registry will require a copy of your existing Registration and, if owned less than 6 months, proof of sales tax paid.

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