MA Auto Insurance Coverage Review: Part 4 Damage to Someone Else’s Property

MA Auto Insurance Coverage Review. Part 4. Damage to Someone Else’s Property …

As a Massachusetts auto insurance shopper, it is important to compare “apples to apples” coverage between insurance companies.

In our continued effort to help educate the MA Auto Insurance consumer, let’s take a quick look at the Massachusetts Private Passenger Auto Insurance Policy:

Part 4. Damage to Someone Else’s Property-

Under this Part, we will pay damges to someone else whose auto or other property is damaged in an accident. The damages we will pay are the amounts that person is legally entitled to collect for property damage through a court judgement or settlement. We will pay only if you or a household member is legally responsible for the accident. We will also pay is someone else using your auto with your consent is legally responsible for the accident. Damages include any applicable sales tax and the costs resulting from the loss of use of the damaged property.

MA auto insurance compulsary limits are $5,000 per accident. recommends you carry, at least, limits of $100,000 per accident.

You may want to consider limits of $250,000 per accident.

Let’s go to our MA auto insurance comparative rating software:

In our previous blog article we quoted a client, living in Charlestown, MA with an annual premium of $1,656.

This coverage includes $100,000 per accident, Part 4. Damage to Someone Else’s Property.

If our client chose $50,000 per accident of coverage (which her previous carrier sold her), the annual savings would be: – $3.00. (minus three dollars annually). Absurd.

For a valuable coverage which will pay for damage if you hit someone’s Ferrari, or house, or telephone pole, or automobile carrier filled with BMWs, or oil truck, it seems to make all the sense in the world to carry $100,000 (vs $50,000).

If our client decided to carry $250,000 per accident of coverage, the annual premium would be: + $4.00.

Do yourself a favor, take a look at your Part 4. Damage to Someone Else’s Property coverage. If you don’t carry, at least, limits of $100,000 per person call your independent, MA auto insurance agent and ask them how much it would cost to improve your coverage.

Until our next MA Auto Insurance blog entry: # Drive Safe Massachusetts!

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