MA Auto Insurance opened for business in 1999.

At the time, I privately hoped it would be part of the great fortunes.

It was not.

What it was, was: an independent MA insurance agency website offering Massachusetts consumers free, no obligation auto insurance quotes, coverage options, and advice.

Well, the dot com bubble came and burst and our independent agency grew and our MA auto insurance quote website continued processing thousands and thousands of free, MA auto insurance quotes.

We didn’t become rich but our client-base grew and we rated with more and more MA auto insurance companies.

We became the number one online site for MA auto insurance quotes, organically earning a Google Page 1 ranking for the “MA Auto Insurance” keywords.

This was a marvel to both MA auto insurance companies and agencies alike.

Recently, over the past week or so, due to changing algorithms (or so we’re told), we’ve lost our Page 1 Google ranking for the keywords: “MA Auto Insurance.”

In our place are large, money-paying insurance companies. 

Lost is: our independent, MA Auto Insurance voice.

Presently you’ll find us on the top of Page 2 of Google (again for the keywords: “MA Auto Insurance”) but we hope with our continued free, MA auto insurance quoting and consumer advocacy business practices, we will climb back to Page 1.

In the meantime, look for us on Page 2.

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