Massachusetts Insurance: Post Hurricane Sandy

Compared to damage done by Hurricane Sandy to New York and New Jersey, Massachusetts residents have been relatively lucky.

Commonwealth insurers have been, however, inundated with Hurricane related claims.

Thankfully there is coverage for things such as trees and tree limbs crashing through homes and other structures, wind pulling roofs off of structures and rain pouring in, damaging interiors and personal property.

Coverage, however, is subject to your policy’s deductible and this might include a special wind deductible.

Wind deductibles can range from between 1%, 2%, 5% or even 10% of your Coverage A, Dwelling, amount.

Contact your Massachusetts independent agent to find out if your policy has a wind deductible.

If you carry comprehensive coverage on your MA auto insurance policy then you have coverage for anything that might happen to your vehicle besides a collision. This includes falling objects, water damage, or scratches or dents done by wind-driven rain or objects.


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