MA Auto Insurance Driving Records

Massachusetts Insurance Companies utilize the Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) to adjust insurance premiums based on the operator’s driving record.

As explained by The Massachusetts Department of Transportation – RMV Division:

The Safe Driver Insurance Plan is a point-based system. Each operator is assigned an Operator SDIP Rating based on the operator’s driving history record within the 6-year policy experience period.

Operator Surcharge Point Range: 00 through 45
An operator’s SDIP Rating is the sum of the surcharge points of the surchargeable incidents in the operator’s 6-year policy experience period.

The total number of surcharge points is 00 if there are no surchargeable incidents in the 6-year policy experience period, unless the operator is eligible for one of the following discounts:

Excellent Driver Discount Plus: Credit Code (99)
This discount is for operators who have been licensed and incident-free for 6 or more years.

Excellent Driver Discount: Credit Code (98)
This discount is for operators who have been licensed and incident-free during the most recent 5 years.

An operator may be eligible for the Excellent Driver Discount (98) with one surchargeable incident. Learn more in SDIP Incentives and Your Policy.

An incident-free year is a year in which your driving record contains no surchargeable incidents. This is different from a year that contains no surcharge points. For example, you may have a year with a surchargeable incident, but there are no surcharge points assigned to this incident because an SDIP incentive or forgiveness factor applies.

For the purposes of the SDIP, you are considered an experienced operator if you have been actively licensed for the 6-year period immediately preceding your policy effective date. Experienced operators with clean driving records benefit from SDIP incentives. To learn more about SDIP incentives, go to SDIP Incentives and Your Policy.

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