MA Auto Insurance Coverage: Substitute Transportation

On your MA auto insurance policy, Substitute Transportation is a sometimes overlooked & often over-priced coverage.

It used to be the cost of $30 per day of Substitute Transportation Coverage was 2 times the cost of $15 per day coverage.

Then the insurance industry pulled a fast one. They increased the cost of $30 per day Substitute Transporation Coverage to 4 or 5 times the cost of $15 per day Coverage.

The cost of $15 per day coverage is around $12 per year.

The cost for $30 per day coverage is around $52 per year.

Substitute Transportation pays for a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop for a covered insurance loss.

If another, identifiable vehicle hits your car then the other company is obligated to reimburse reasonable rental expenses, whether you carry Substitute Transportation or not.

When renting a Substitute Transportation vehicle from a rental company, you can usually get into an economy-type vehicle for around $23 or $24 per day.

Although, if you’re a victim of a hit & run or at-fault in an accident, $15 per day of Coverage will not pay for a rental in it’s entirety: it will pay a portion.

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