MA Auto Insurance

Our independent, Massachusetts insurance agency received a call this morning from a woman shopping for MA auto insurance.

She presently has a policy with an online company that does not use independent insurance agents in Massachusetts. When the company entered the state a few years ago they offered her, what she thought was, a terrific rate.

Two years ago she was involved in a minor, single vehicle accident and surcharged 3 points on her Mass license.

We asked her about her accident and, after listening to the details, asked her if she had filed a state Surcharge Appeal form?

She had not, and said no one had ever explained the surcharge or appeal process to her.

We then rated her March renewal with 7 MA auto insurance companies and offered her the best premium we could find.

By the end of the conversation, we were able to save her over – $200 and, we believe, she is well on her way to winning her MA surcharge appeal!

Using a MA Independent Insurance Agent has it’s advantages!

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