Why a Massachusetts Auto Insurance Blog?

Why a Blog? Never in my life, did I think of myself as a blogger. Yet here I am … blogging.

My name is Kevin Johnson and I am one of the owners of the independent agency: Johnson & Rohan Insurance in Lynnfield, MA. 

We launched Massautoquote.com in 1999 to provide Massachusetts’ consumers free, MA auto insurance quotes.  

As of April 1, 2008 the MA auto insurance system moved to “managed competition” and lots of things changed. Since then, for the first time since 1977 (think: Mike Dukakis), insurance companies were able to charge whatever they wanted for auto insurance rather than a state-set rate.

As a result of less regulation, insurance companies have come into the state and rates, coverage, and discount programs have been vast and varied.

So, why a MA Auto Insurance Blog?

The Massautoquote.com Blog is our attempt to demystify the MA auto insurance marketplace.

Our job is to help educate Mass. auto insurance consumers and find you the best premiums, with the best companies, with the best discount and insurance programs.

To get a quote, call or click click us today.

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