Massachusetts Auto Insurance Rates

For all the benefits that Massachusetts’ Managed Competition auto insurance has brought consumers there is a flip side. Yes, rates are lower than two years ago and yes, there are more insurance programs (like accident forgiveness & disappearing deductible) however there is less insurability and less forgiveness when it comes to cancelled MA auto insurance policies.

We don’t know the statistic, but guarantee the Commonwealth’s percentage of illegal, uninsured drivers is on the rise over the past two years.

Consumers left out in the MA auto insurance cold (suspensions, revocations, cancellations, payment problems), there usually are no terrific rates, nor terrific payment options.

These consumers are left with the option of huge premiums, 100% due or no insurance and Registration revocation.

Still, this is not our ultimate referendum on MA managed competition auto insurance. Things remain in flux.

By utilizing, you utilize the shopping power of the independent insurance agent.

Your independent Massachusetts auto insurance agent will shop with multiple companies to find you the best available rates, coverage and programs.

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