NH Speeding Ticket Show Up on MA License?


Will NH speeding ticket show up on my MA license?

Will NH Speeding ticket show up on my MA license?

So you like to drive fast, do you?

I have a confession to make: I do, too.

This past summer, on my way up to York Beach, ME, I got pulled over on Route 1 North in Portsmouth, NH.

Whether or not I was actually speeding is a blog article for another time.

The officer handed me a speeding ticket and suggested I slow it down and enjoy the summer.

I pulled back onto the highway slowly and, noticing the cost of the ticket ($248.00), I was no longer enjoying my summer.

A few minutes up the road, I turned up Katrina & the Waves, gave the finger to the state of NH, stepped on the accelerator and crossed into Maine.

The Walking on Sunshine feeling lasted only a few seconds before I noticed the all too familiar, neon blue lights flashing in my rear-view mirror.

Yep. Another speeding ticket. This time in the state of Maine.

I grimaced as I accepted the speeding ticket but felt somehow, somewhat vindicated when I noticed the amount ($185.00) was lower than the NH speeding ticket.

The happy ending to this sad tale is that these tickets have not shown up on my Massachusetts driving record/ auto insurance premium.

So, will a NH speeding ticket show up on my MA license?

Apparently, Massachusetts is not a member of the DLC (Drivers License Compact) which is a driving information reciprocity agreement between states. As a result, often times, when MA residents get moving violations in other states, the ticket never haunts the MA driving record.

Caution: Although MA is not a member of the DLC, they still have informal agreements and, sometimes, out-of-state incidents are reported and do show up. Sometimes years after the incident.