Eight Gas Savings Tips:

  1. Go easy on the brakes and gas pedal. Avoid “jackrabbit” starts. Try to anticipate stops to avoid sudden braking.
  2. Avoid long idles. Turn off the engine if you expect a lengthy wait. Idling burns more gas than restarting the engine.
  3. Avoid carrying unneeded junk in the trunk. More weight equals worse gas mileage.
  4. 4. Avoid driving at high speeds. Mileage improves by 15% if drive 55 instead of 65mph.
  5. Keep air conditioning to a minimum. Try rolling down the windows instead.
  6. If you have overdrive, use it. It’s more economical at high speeds.
  7. Keep tires inflated properly.
  8. Get regular tune-ups and maintenance checks, both of which improve mileage.


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