Massachusetts Consumer Auto Insurance Dilemma

Most agree, MA “Managed Competition” auto insurance has been a good thing.

National insurance companies have come into the state, and MA insurance consumers now have more choices.

There is, however, a flip-side to all the discounts and improved insurance programs:

If you have a poor driving record (at-fault accidents, moving violations, suspensions or revocations) or a cancelled policy, you may have difficulty obtaining MA auto insurance.

The MAIP (Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan) marketplace is an option available to MA consumers.

The MAIP program requires 25% down-payment on new business.

If cancelled over the past 12 months for non-payment, MAIP requires (like many companies) 100% premium payment in full.

Our independent MA Agency (Johnson & Rohan Insurance) recently lost a longtime, good client (although not a very organized bill payor) due to cancellation frequency.

Late on one too many Statutory Notices of Cancellation, he is now required to pay 100% annual premium in full.

In addition, he had an accident over the past 12 months and the annual premium has gone up.

Unfortunately, it’s an all too common Massachusetts Consumer Auto Insurance Dilemma.

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