Expired Inspection Sticker?

Tip to save money on MA Auto Insurance?

— Check your MA Inspection Sticker, Don’t let it lapse!

From a MA auto insurance policy perspective, perhaps the cruelest of all surcharge points is the one for an ”expired inspection sticker” citation.

In Massachusetts, a ticket for an expired vehicle inspection sticker is the equivalent, in auto insurance citation points, of a moving violation.

According to the MA Department of Insurance, surcharge points are incurred if you:

  • cause an at-fault accident
  • are convicted of or pay a fine for a traffic law violation
  • are assigned to an alcohol education program

An expired inspection sticker is considered “pay(ing) a fine for a traffic law violation.”

A $40 ticket results increased insurance costs for 6 years! If you have/ had a perfect driving record, that can amount to about a 20% increase (!!) the first three years, diminishing the following three.

So here’s your warning:

  • Check your MA Inspection Sticker, Don’t let it lapse!

MA Inspection Station locator link:


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